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Our volunteer engineers, technicians, coders, biologists, zoologists, botanists, and students are busily designing rockets, landers, farm houses, helmets for chickens and cows, flight suits, dude ranch saddles, etc., etc.

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Engaging Spaceola:

kids, space, and imagination

A child's imagination about space and space travel is a terrific gateway to writing, art, and science. If you have an idea about engaging kids and their imaginations through Spaceola, drop us an and let's start a conversation.

right-brain ideas

Our Spaceola team includes a space-age contractor specializing in sponsorships, partnerships, and proprietary branded marketing platform launches. Drop us an and let's talk.


We'd love to hear from you. Drop us an .

Make Contact via Email or Twitter

There is no big Spaceola communications or marketing department (you would think that we'd be all over this -- with a staff of hundreds -- so please be patient).

Reach us at .

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Volunteer Employment Opportunities

Sharp volunteer social media pro*

Mars soil testing geotechnical engineer**

Nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) systems engineer***

Grazing and pasture management technician for cattle****

* Galactic experienced preferred, but big experience on earth is fine.
** Martian soil experience preferred, but not required
*** Interstellar travel preferred, but not required
**** Martian cattle and/or wrangling experience preferred, but not required