Explore Life on Mars with Spaceola!

Elsie tilling the soil on the Spaceola farm site

Former NASA engineers and technicians volunteering with coders, biologists, zoologists, botanists and students.

Where the Spaceola story begins

The Spaceola story begins with retired NASA engineers,  technicians, and their flight-tested technology from the 1960's.

Retired engineers have designed and built all the things residents & tourists need to live and thrive on the surface of Mars.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Spaceola’s work has been inspired by the work of NASA and today’s exciting space exploration companies. Nearly all Spaceola equipment is salvaged and donated from archives, warehouses, and private collections.

"We found old IBM machines locked away in store rooms," said Larry Zottarelli, a retired Voyager engineer and coder.

After Spaceola's first test flights were completed, manned Spaceola trips to Mars became commonplace.

Farming and tourism on Mars

Farms will support the Mars residents and the beautiful Syrtis Dude Ranch will open to Tourists.

Farms will be named Victrola™, Motorola™, and Crayola™.

"'Ola!," said Ellen Ochoa, a retired NASA engineer, Shuttle astronaut, former director of the Johnson Space Center and the first Hispanic woman to go to space.

A Spaceola Syrtis Ranch cowpoke is onhand for the soft landing of the Perseverance lander.

A Syrtis Dude Ranch cowpoke on a cattle drive ambles on to the Perseverance landing.

Connected moving thousands of visitors to Mars.

Thousands of space pioneers and their families are headed to Mars with each mission.

Spaceola rents fast surface cruisers for daily outings

The planned Syrtis Dude Ranch will offer space-oriented activities for visitors of all ages.

Ranch saddle on fencing at Syrtis Ranch

The Spaceola Syrtis Ranch & Lodge on Mars invites tourists to enjoy a rigorous and genuine Mars dude ranch experience.

Living and working on Mars has its challenges, but the rewards are terrific and character building.

A Mars Gothic -- Spaceola envisions stoic, hardworking Mars farming families cultivating the rich, manufactured soil in this new depiction of pioneer agricultural spirit on Mars.

A section of Martian farming land

Acres of fresh vegetables cultivated and harvested to meet the needs of full-time residents and visiting tourists.